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Education should always be a top priority.  Legislators should consult the teachers to see what works and what doesn't.  We have relied on outside sources to make educational decisions for far too long and this is damaging to our teachers and our children.  We've got to get back to the basics and talk to our educators!

School security is a major issue in our district with the recent shootings across the country.  I believe each school should be equipped with adequate law enforcement personnel to patrol the school campus.  The state should work to find the funding for this so that school districts who are already struggling don't face the choice of spending educational dollars on security.

Standardized testing has also become an issue.  Teachers are forced to create their educational plans based on a standardized test, rather than what the students need to learn at the current time.  Students feel stress and pressure because not everyone is successful at standardized testing, even if they know and understand the material.  While standardized testing is important for assessment, it should never be a complete score for a child or teacher's ability.

We must also work to utilize funding to increase teacher pay and teacher resources.  Our teachers should never have to use their own hard earned dollars to buy basic school supplies.  It is time that teachers are given the respect they so richly deserve.

Committee to Elect Jessica Yokley
Beth Blasingim, Treasurer
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